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Chemical Lookup

Lookup various chemicals by Chemical Name or CAS Number to determine their hazard classification. We display all important hazard information in an easy, understandable way to apply to your reports!

Create Inventories and Print Inventory Statements

Create and save property chemical inventories and adjust quantities as needed. Print Hazardous Material Inventory Statements (HMIS) templates in excel format.

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Add Your Own Chemicals

Don't see your chemical in the database? You can add your own chemicals to include in your inventories. Don't know the hazard classification? We can assist in identifying the appropriate hazard classification.

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About Us

TheHazMatApp provides engineers, consultants, building owners, and inspectors a database of hazardous materials that have been assigned building and fire code hazard classifications by experts and industry professionals. The classification of hazardous materials and subsequent report generation can be a long arduous process. TheHazMatApp provides a database of chemicals and also generates report templates based on quantities input by the user. TheHazMatApp simplifies the code compliance process saving the user time and money.

Our Plans

TheHazMatApp offers yearly membership plans and also offers building and fire code consulting services. Contact us to see how we can help make your hazardous materials project a success.

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Thehazmatapp basic

Free access to mobile app (chemical lookup only)

Create and save building profile

Adjust chemical inventory as needed

Add your own chemicals

Generate HMIS and Summary Reports

Consulting Services

Need help understanding complex fire code requirements? Is your facility classified as a Group H Occupancy? Need a Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP)?

We offer consulting services through TERPconsulting to assist in compliance with building and fire code requirements.

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